SuperEdge Team


Adam,engineering degree from Partha University computer science and technology school,serves as CEO of the Superedge.5 years working experience in blockchain industry,served as senior engineer of Singapore design institute and technical director of Oracle.

Jack Simit——————————————
   Jack Simit,engineering degree from harvard community college, is a technical staff member in Superedge. He has five years of learning and working experience in computer engineering and application,served as technical director of Oracle. Proficient in TCP/IP protocol, network programming, P2P network topology, multithreaded multiprocess development.

    Engineering degree from WUT and bachelor of science in Economics from ZUEL,serves as CMO and CFO of Superedge.He has a great enthusiasm for the blockchain industry and believe that the blockchain will be a double revolution in technology and economy.

Steve Kay——————————————

Steve Kay,engineering degree from WUT,serves as CTO in Superedge.The main research direction is distributed processing of computer network and active detection architecture of edge computing. According to the system development, the technical architecture is continuously adjusted and optimized.

Albert YU——————————————

Albert,bachelor of arts from WIT with a degree in digital media literature,serves as COO in Superedge.Operate and manage the community and regulte the team atmosphere.

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